Do you feel guilty leaving your dog at home all alone during the day? Is your bored dog being destructive during the day? Would you like your dog to socialise, exercise, learn and have fun Boredom leads to problem behaviours such as chewing, barking and digging, which we all know too well. Keeping a dog busy with play ensures that all that energy is released in a productive manner. But you have to work all day… We have the solution! McKaynine Dog Day Care! Dogs at Day Care get to socialise with their friends, play games with their carers, go for walks, have a full, fun day and go home happy, content and all played-out. Our daily activities concentrate on giving your beloved dog a combination of structured play, mental stimulation and fun exercise within a safe environment. And of course there’s a ton of love and care too!
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Day Care
Leroy & Tilly - enjoying day care three times a week for the last 9 years! “Bubble Day” is a firm favourite with all of the dogs, but especially with precious Mia Murphy’s Log: Fun, play, run, sniff, jump, fun, play, run, sniff, jump....!
Socialise Play Fun Exercise After all the activity the dogs love their midday snooze in their own comfortable crate - complete with a thick luxury mattress and a freshly washed blanket
Typical Daily Activities 06h30 – 09h30 Arrival and check in. Any belongings, medications, food etc are stored in your dog’s very own “chair bag”. A quick health check is also done to ensure that your dog is in tip-top shape and ready for a day of fun and games! Dogs are then taken into various play areas chosen on the individual dog’s energy level and size and enjoy supervised free play with their buddies. 09h30 – 11h30  Activities. Each day we have a different activity for the dogs – bubble chasing, soccer, paw painting, ballpit digging, scent games etc. All games have been designed by a highly qualified canine behaviourist to ensure that the games are stimulating, fun and most importantly safe. 11h30 – 13h00 Lunch/Nap. After all that activity the dogs enjoy a nap on a comfortable bed and lunch is given to the puppies. The more active dogs, who aren’t yet ready for a nap, enjoy a wind-down period in one of the grassed shaded gardens where they can observe our resident sheep, watch the birds and enjoy a daydream or two. 13h00 – 15h00 Walk. The dogs are taken for an on lead walk through our beautiful small farm. After going through the forest (and sniffing to their heart’s content) they visit the river and get to have a nice run through the fields (did we mention how fit our carers are?). There is normally some time for extra games too! 15h00 – 18h00 Home Time. Dogs are readied for collection by their owners or by the Canine Cab. Dogs are either given the chance to rest in peace on their own bed or they can enjoy some last minute play with their buddies. A light brush and wipe helps to get the dogs nice and clean and also gives them a relaxing end to their busy day. For some dogs their day is simply not complete without a last cuddle from their carer.
Nadia’s dream has always been to work with dogs. After a stint in the security dog industry Nadia has found her calling working with companion dogs, being a puppy group assistant at McKaynine. Nadia is simply besotted with every dog she works with and the dogs all love her kind and gentle manner and the ever so frequent cuddles they receive from her.
Louis’s background is also in the security industry, but since working for McKaynine part time Louis has discovered a great affinity for dogs. His playful and energetic energy is well appreciated by the more active dogs and Louis spends much of his day giggling at the antics of the dogs under his care.
The McKaynine Day Care is owned and managed by Shannon McKay, a well known and highly respected canine behaviourist and dog trainer. Shannon has many years experience and has put this to good use in designing and managing the activities of the dogs attending day care.
Belinda Thomas oversees the administration of the McKaynine Day Care and her excellent skills and dog experience ensure that everything runs like clockwork.
Active play with canine companions is the ultimate activity for most of the dogs Socialise Play Fun Exercise All play is supervised and any toy which presents a “chew and swallow” risk like these plastic balls when popped is removed asap. We go through a lot of balls! Chasing a ball is fun - but it’s even better when you have your very own dedicated ball thrower!
Carers & Management We have exceptional dog lovers caring for your dogs throughout the day: Rates Our rates are based on the high quality care that your dog deserves. No corners are cut when it comes to ensuring that your dog is well looked after and having a great time. We provide only the best in terms of safe, fun and stimulating activities and your dog is assured of the utmost in care and attention at all times. We also ensure that each dog is treated as an individual and we go to great lengths to make sure that unique preferences are catered to. The full benefit of day care is seen with regular attendance. For this reason we offer the following packages. PUPPY (8 weeks – 6 months of age) Days per Week Monthly Rate for Monthly Rate for Monthly Rate for 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 1 day a week R510 R460 R410 2 days a week R970 R870 R790 3 days a week R1 380 R1 240 R1 120 4 days a week R1 750 R1 580 R1 420 5 days a week R2 080 R1 870 R1 690 ADULT (More than 6 months of age) Days per Week Monthly Rate for Monthly Rate for Monthly Rate for 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 1 day a week R470 R420 R380 2 days a week R890 R800 R720 3 days a week R1 270 R1 140 R1 030 4 days a week R1 610 R1 440 R1 300 5 days a week R1 910 R1 710 R1 540 Please note that monthly rates are due at the beginning of the month A pro rata rate is charged for dogs joining during a month If a package is cancelled, the balance of the months booked are payable at 50% A 5% discount is given for payment of all months booked upfront Canine Cab For owners whose schedule makes drop off and pick up difficult, we offer a Canine Cab. The Canine Cab rates are dependant on area as follows: Zone A (R25/day): Honeydew, Ruimsig, Poortview Zone B (R30/day): Featherbrooke Estate, Eagle Canyon, Radiokop Zone C (R35/day): Randpark Ridge, Northgate, Sundowner, Weltevreden Park, Helderkruin To avoid traffic our Canine Cab operates from 08h00 – 09h00 and 15h00 – 16h00. Please note that we will require access to the property. In situations where there is nobody at home all of the owners who have used the Canine Cab in the past have given us a spare remote/key. For safety reasons these key/remotes are kept in a safe when not in use and have no indication of location on the item, just the dog’s name. In keeping with the quality care that your dog receives from us, we request that you provide a travel crate for your dog to ensure maximum safety in transit. If you do not have a travel crate we normally have crates available which we rent at a cost of R5/day. For larger dogs where a crate is not feasible, we request that you supply a body harness so that your dog can be safely clipped into our special seatbelt strap while travelling. General Standards All activities are designed and overseen by a highly qualified canine behaviourist to ensure that your dog has a wonderful experience. Our staff have a deep love for dogs, which is evident through the many smiles and wagging tails at our Day Care. Facilities are hygienic, spacious and comfortable. All bedding is washed every day and communal items such as bowls and toys are sterilised every week. Day Care provides a wonderful outlet for your dog to play, socialise and exercise all within a safe, caring and comfortable environment. So instead of sitting at work worrying about your dog home alone you can have total peace of mind that your dog is having a great time in a caring and safe environment (plus you get to enjoy the photos we will send to you of your dog enjoying themselves at Day Care!) Email us at for availability and enrolment. Your dog will love it! FAQ’s: Can any dog join Day Care? Pretty much! As long as the dog is not people aggressive or overly aggressive to other dogs, healthy and vaccinations (including kennel cough) are current. My dog is quite calm and seems happy at home alone, but I would like for him to get some stimulation when I’m at work. Will Day Care be too much for him? Some dogs do not enjoy very high activity so in these cases we provide a “chill zone” where these more sedate dogs can enjoy the facilities at a more relaxed pace. During any play session dogs are always matched according to energy level and size to ensure that no dog ever feels overwhelmed. Play sessions are also always supervised to ensure that every single dog is enjoying the activity. I think my dog would enjoy Day Care, but I am not sure about commiting to a package deal. Can I have a trial? With the greatest of pleasure! If you would like to run a trial day you are welcome to do so at a cost of R250/day.  My dog doesn't like other dogs. Can he still join Day Care? Yes! He does not have to interact with other dogs. We have a number of grassed gardens where your dog will still be kept busy and entertained within his own garden with some quality one on one time with one of our carers. What happens when it rains? We have indoor facilities as well as outdoor shelters in the event of rain. Most dogs prefer to continue their games in a light to medium rain, in which case we allow the dogs to choose whether to come inside (some dogs HATE the rain) or continue with their game. In the event of lightning all dogs are brought indoors in the interests of their safety - sorry rain lovers, but safety comes first. Take a look at the gallery below for some snapshots of dogs enjoying the McKaynine Day Care...
· · · · · · · · · · Socialise Play Fun Exercise Too much of fun!!! Buddy play - nothing like it!
Even my ears are doing a happy dance! Bubble catching! A great way to use up that boundless energy Please note that Day Care is only offered at our Honeydew branch Day care