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Puppy Classes
Bringing your pup to puppy classes is proven to give you...  •	Increased sociability towards people and other dogs •	More control over your pup's behaviour •	Knowledge of how to handle your pup now and in the future •	A sound investment of a couple of hours now for the many years to come!  SOCIALISATION Puppy school provides the perfect opportunity for puppies to polish their canine communication skills, which are interrupted when they leave their mother and littermates. Puppies also get socialised to children and different types of people. This is one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your new puppy  All types of puppies (pedigreed and crossbreeds) should enrol in a recognised puppy school. Family pets, show dogs and working dogs in particular benefit as the training stands them in good stead for their future "career", be it family guardian, show stopper or lovable mutt!   REWARDS-BASED OBEDIENCE Owners are taught how to get their puppy obeying simple commands such as: sit, down, stay and heel. All puppy training commands are taught with hand signals from Day One, which is particularly useful for domestic purposes. As this training is rewards-based the puppies do it because they want to - NOT because they are avoiding punishment. This type of training conditions the dog to LOVE TO LISTEN and is much more pleasant and effective for the puppy and the owner!   PUPPY PROBLEMS By using the canine behaviour techniques that we show you, handlers achieve their objectives of getting their puppy to understand their requirements. We cover all of the "usual" puppy problems, such as:   •	Nipping •	Chewing •	Digging  •	Jumping Up •	Lead Pulling •	Boisterous Behaviour •	Toilet training  SENSORY STIMULATION & BODY AWARENESS Lots of fun obstacles and exposure to various items helps develop your pup’s confidence and compatibility in a typical household.  ABOUT THE PUPPY COURSE The course runs for two months, with six one-hour lessons. Puppies can start at 8 - 10 weeks of age. They should have had the second of their three puppy inoculations and must be suitably protected against ticks and fleas due to the rural environment.  A new class starts every month with classes on Saturdays. Exact times vary according to the season and class location. Please consult the Branch section below for details.   ENROLMENTS & REGISTRATIONS Enrolments on this popular course are handled on a "first come first served" basis. Course payment and confirmation via email or fax secures your booking. For details on costs and payment as well as an enrolment form,  call or email us.  Clients are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. Facilitated socialising with other puppies and adult dogs help pups learn how to "speak dog" Basic obedience skills are taught which gets pups off to a great start! Pups are heartily rewarded with lots of praise and a tasty treat for a job well done Negotiating obstacles is a great way to teach confidence and practice loose lead walking Watching your pup enjoying themselves all the while learning is a great experience
Honeydew Saturday mornings 14 Cypress Road, Zonnehoewe, Honeydew Instructor: Shannon McKay Request details... or call 082 565-6160
Have a look below at which of our puppy groups is most convenient for you...
Midstream Saturday afternoons Midstream Methodist Church (corner of Chorges & Madeleine Street), Olifantsfontein, Centurion Instructor: Landie Coertse Request details... or call 082 565-6160
Camp Delta Saturday afternoons Camp Delta at Delta Park (entrance off Craighall Road), Craighall Instructor: Ady Hawkins Request details... or call 082 565-6160
The Reeds Saturday mornings OR Tuesday evenings Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - The Reeds, 42 Sacharia Street, The Reeds, Centurion Instructor: Janine Erasmus Request details... or call 064 881-6588
Puppy classes are an exceptional opportunity to bond with your pup
Groenkloof Saturday afternoons Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk NG Kerk Groenkloof 75 Van Wouw St, Pretoria Instructor: Janine Erasmus Request details... or call 064 881-6588
Some of our recent graduates, pictured during their proud graduation and at the exciting relay race, which forms part of their graduation lesson. Congrats to you all! It was an absolute pleasure having you in class and we can’t wait to have you back for the next course!  Please visit our Facebook group to view more photos of all of our recent puppy graduates (click this text to go there). Our group is a public group - all photos are viewable. Check out  the most recent puppy graduates! Scroll down  for details of  our puppy class locations or click here for the  shortcut Puppy classes