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Agility is a wonderful activity especially for the active dog and owner. Dogs are taught to negotiate a variety of obstacles and handlers are taught how to take their dogs safely and quickly over the obstacles. In the beginner grades we concentrate on getting the dogs to be 100% confident on each obstacle. Then we start stringing the obstacles together into courses. Once the dog and handler are able to negotiate courses we start with the tricky stuff. Controls, obstacle discrimination, handling moves and call-offs make this level challenging but oh so much fun! Requirements Dogs do need a basic level of obedience before attempting agility - normally a CGC Bronze is suitable. We suggest starting dogs at approximately six months of age. However, until they are mature they will only do small obstacles in the interests of their health. There is no maximum age limit as long as the dog is physically fit and sound. We also do not discriminate on breeds and our school is renowned for the variety of breeds we have in our agility classes. Equipment McKaynine has a range of agility equipment built to competition specifications. All our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure that the safety of the dogs is never compromised. Safety Due to the physically demanding nature of agility, there is the possible risk of injury. At McKaynine we strive to minimise this risk by never pushing dogs, ensuring a good level of fitness and keeping obstacles relative to the dog's experience and age. We aim to have maximum fun, but at no time to put the dog at any risk whatsoever. Competitions Although our instructors compete, we do not expect handlers to compete. Handlers are welcome to enjoy agility classes purely from a social aspect for them and their dogs. Handlers wishing to compete are also accommodated and we often attend shows together making it a really fun outing. Although our focus is not on competition, our competition results have been excellent, with many dogs achieving placings and also multiple qualifications. A number of our dogs have been promoted into senior competitive grades and we congratulate them all! Suitable Breeds  If a dog is fit, healthy, slim and keen there's no reason they can't do agility. And yes, that’s a pug in the photo!  Our school is famous for having a variety of breeds in our agility classes. These breeds included pugs, beagles, Staffordshire bull terriers, Rhodesian ridgebacks, Great Danes, Bulldogs and Dachshunds. Who says agility is just for Border Collies...?