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The quality of your instruction and the knowledge and experience of your instructor is important in all classes, but especially so in the manwork classes. Our manwork instructor has many years of experience in this field and is able to bring out exactly the right reactions in the dogs. The manwork training is NOT based on fear and this is evidenced by the fact that each dog can be petted by the instructor prior to and after each and every class. The McKaynine manwork training is based on play drive and is intended for sport purposes. If you are looking for “attack on command” training we cannot help you. Our training aims to equip the dog with the skills and confidence to discern only real and immediate threats. The most important element of manwork is control. With this is mind we do not enroll dogs whose temperament is unsuited for our style of manwork. Stage One  Through play, the dog is taught to chase and hold onto the cloth “sausage”. Stage Two The dog is now possessive of "his" sausage and given half a chance will take it home with him.  It can be clearly seen from this photo that the dog is playing a game - there is no fear whatsoever. In fact dogs will often wrestle the sausage from the assistant, perform a victory lap and then actively invite the assistant to play again. Stage Three  Once the dog is confidently possessive over his sausage, the sleeve is substituted, first using the less intimidating non-contact version. As the dog progresses the exercises become more challenging and precise.  The dog is taught to wait until a threat is presented and also to leave on command.