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We all know that dogs possess an extraordinary sense of smell. So nothing makes more sense than to use this incredible talent in a sport that is both enjoyable for dog and owner! We always encourage handlers to maximise their dog's natural behaviour in training as much as possible, and this is where tracking plays an important role. The dogs learn to follow a human scent trail, which increases in difficulty over the weeks. A positive reinforcement training method is used - the dogs really enjoy this activity, while the handlers learn to appreciate their dog's abilities. Apart from following the scent trail (which is aged) over various types of terrain the dogs also deal with corners and turns. There are also articles which are dropped along the track, which the dog indicates to their handler. All this makes tracking challenging but very enjoyable. Dogs  must have a tracking harness before starting to track. The harness encourages the dog to move forward and removes any pressure on the neck and throat. The McKaynine trackers meet on Saturday mornings at an open venue close to our Honeydew premises. The team has achieved many qualifications under the tutelage of master tracker, Steve McClean, and we are exceptionally proud of our tracker dogs!
A big thank you to Adri for the lovely photos!